Corporate communications

We design and implement PR programmes for positioning of your organisation, product or service and managing their image.

Community relations

We establish dialogue with different communities (your potential investors, current and prospective clients, NGOs, municipalities, students, sponsors, etc). We identify good speaking & networking opportunities for you.

Corporate social responsibility

We are constantly on the look out for the good cause your organization, product or service might be associated with.

Employee communications

We design and implement programmes for clear, consistent and credible communication with your employees.

Public affairs & thrid party endorsement

WE establish contact and build relationship with opinion leaders and industry analysts who take the decisions that are important fro you. We identify the right experts and make them ambassadors of your brand (third-party endorsers).

Privatisation, investment, mergers and acquisitions

We work out and carry out PR programmes for privatisation deals, “green” investment, re-structuring, mergers & acquisitions, etc.

Issues and crisis management

We design and implement crisis prevention and response programmes. We also advise you how to communicate difficult issues or how to become a topical issue owner.

Media relations

We work out messages for your organisation, product or service and “translate” those messages in the language of the media so that you become the news.

Product PR

We design and implement PR programmes for the launch of a new product or the support of an existing one.

Communications training

We teach you how to understand the media and communicate with them to get the best possible results.

Others about us

„I would like to thank Verislava for her cooperation over the years – for the information she has always submitted right on time and the contacts she has made for me, for her insight into the needs of the media and their focus areas. I am impressed at the way she and her team at Veritas PR approach with the media and break the traditional mould of that type of communication. I am convinced that this out-of-the-box approach will survive in the future too.”

Roumyana Rousseva
Business Week