It may sound a bit boastful, but we at Veritas PR chose our clients. We do not work with just about everybody (and not everybody would work with us).

Our clients are open to change and novelty. They understand the strengths of PR. They listen to our advice and judge our work on its merits.

Our clients believe that their companies, products or services will make life better and a bit more entertaining.

Or that is the idea we have about our clients.

In any case, we feel that we grow together with them on a daily basis.

Others about us

„I would like to thank Verislava for her cooperation over the years – for the information she has always submitted right on time and the contacts she has made for me, for her insight into the needs of the media and their focus areas. I am impressed at the way she and her team at Veritas PR approach with the media and break the traditional mould of that type of communication. I am convinced that this out-of-the-box approach will survive in the future too.”

Roumyana Rousseva
Business Week